Monthly Archives: March 2014

When it comes to winter flowers very few plants will give as much as they do. They also rush images of Scottish moors where they grow so freely. As the snow melts away, the evergreen flower filled spiked mounds are breath-taking. Just the hope that spring could be so close, yet here in the winter cold are flowers in the snow and it makes me wish I had planted more of them.

The two names are used loosely in the gardening world. As the term heath should be applied to the ericas and daboecias genera. These groups have the long bloom range  and varieties of this group can be found in bloom year round. Heather is the term for callunas, genera, and have a larger foliage color range and most bloom mid summer through the fall. Now I know this was a little confusing, so let me make it simple, Heaths and Heather are evergreen shrubs most are low mound growing and most are needle  like foliage. Heaths are a little taller and looser in growth habit and heather is lower and more compact in growth, making it easier to know what you are looking at. The fun thing with these plants is you can have them in bloom all year, and in my book that makes them a real garden winner.

These group of plants are under the element influence of water and do best when planted under the astrological signs of, Scorpio – Pisces – Cancer.

Go to this website,  Love it and the winter pictures of their heather in bloom are amazing.

I found that the heaths are easier than the heather to grow and all love full sun and a more acid soil PH of about 6.0. They are good for container gardening as well as for rock and alpine gardens.

As far as I’m concerned call all of them either heath or heather it doesn’t matter. Because the joy of gardening is the fun of being able to do so.

A thought; Sometimes things just look the same but they are different.