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The Wind is blowing, snow is on the ground and the temperature is hovering around 30 degrees with a wind chill of about 10 degrees below zero. Burrrrrr! I knew this was the case as I looked out to the garden and saw the effect it was having on the evergreens. The rhododendron foliage was curled down tight as never before and the Taxus or yew’s are a very dark green almost black in hue. The evergreen azaleas look tight as well. All this tells me that the temperatures are well below normal and that nature is doing all it can to protect itself for harm’s way.

This all comes about with water lose or freeze in the foliage and is also seen in the summer droughts, its natures way of protecting these plants, the looseness or tightness will let you know just how cool or dry it is for the plant.

However a little later in the morning as the sun came up higher and shone on them I noticed that the top of the plants opened and unfurled telling me that things will warm a little more today and I thought how wonderful nature is and how much we don’t notice any more.

I ventured out to take some pictures of what I was seeing, and my breath froze still in the air. Yes, it was very cold, colder than its been for at least eight years and my thoughts went to the newly fall plantings and was glad I left more leaf mulch on them this year, Why I did this at the time I wasn’t sure but I am glad I did. I believe that when you allow yourself to go on instinctual feelings, it always works to the best. Who, after five years of mild winters would have thought that this kind of cold would be with us now.

Well, spring will tell us everything, what survived and what didn’t. I pray now for a milder rest of winter and will dream of the summer to come, it’s what we gardeners do now…..

A thought; When we look to nature, most questions can be answered.

I will take this time to answer a question that is often asked of me. ” You write often about observances and feelings and sounds in the garden, yet at times give just a few how too’s ?” Let me answer this first with a question. Would you rather read about another step by step project for your garden that thousands have shared before and with just a few tapes on the computer will show again, another take on the project?

I gave this much thought before I started to write. I looked deep within myself and asked what really moves me to garden, I knew the planting of seed was fun and the growth that followed and the anticipation of harvest, but really what kept me gardening. For there are plenty of moments when just giving up or finding time for anything to do with the garden other than gardening, would be easier than the work its self. What kept me there?

What kept me there was the human side, with a feeling that I was a part of something special, a place of beauty and growth and renewal, a place that for whatever reason had an effect on others and myself and all of it was being transmitted through who I am and what I could create. So I hope that by writing about the other part of gardening, the feelings and emotional side with the healing and heighten awareness it brings, will be the thing my blog will bring to the gardeners tool shed and will give trust and strength to continue to believe in who and what they are to their garden quest.

I can tell you that I have visited many gardens of all types and it is the gardens that are tended by passionate gardeners that transcends all of the feelings of even the greatest gardens in the world. They hold special powers and they are exspiranced and not just viewed. They leave you with a feeling of knowing and a wanting for more.

So not to negate all who want answers to the” how to”, I’ve started a new page entitled – Gardeners Hints, here I plan to share helpful simple garden cures and growing tips used by estate and home gardeners for years, with a few of my own thrown in.

A thought; The Garden Shire will help me be the gardener I Am.

Just a moment in time is all it takes sometimes to bring an awareness to how we garden. Over the years I’ve had plenty of these so-called moments, when it seems that time stands still or races buy or a view that I see every day some how in a moment is viewed differently and you wonder how you missed it before this moment. What was it that brought this thought or vision to my notice at this very time? Was it the way the sun shined on the spot or plants, or the way the wind or clouds change the textures or colors. To be aware of the moment is everything, staying in that moment is the work that is truly at hand. The longer we stay the more we understand.

How about a feeling that comes over you, over whelming yet fulfilling, like some how you missed it before, but how? After all the garden is in your trust and you as the creator and or care taker should have known of this by now. Feelings in the garden, I believe is a true connection between gardener and plant and earth. This is how the garden tells us what it needs and as a way to say thank – you.

This could be proof that the garden has taken on a life of its own and that some how through no knowledge of your own, has connected to you and through the love and devotion you give to the garden, is now giving back to those who can see and feel the beauty of life itself.

I have taken some time in the last year to listen a little more deeply and to look a little longer and to move more slowly through the garden and I have found so much more to the garden than I have in the past. I have adjusted my thoughts to be more open and not so dispelling. All gardens to me have a presences, but I have found the gardens that have a passionate gardener shows the world that place of presences.

If you look back through my blog you will read of the many moments that I am speaking about. If you understand what I’m writing about, then you have created something very special, and this special tool that you posses is wonderful and should be shared with others.

A thought; A moment in time, can bring great changes..