Monthly Archives: October 2013

The shadows grow longer now, the lawn grows less and the air is crisp. The pumpkins and apples are picked and the trees dawn colors that inspire new thoughts.

It is now that one should take time to reflect on the past growing season and one’s own day-to-day life to see if things could be different or changed. Fall is a time for transition and maybe this is a time to make one. Shedding old ways and thoughts that are out dated and restricting.

Life, like in the garden needs weeding and planning, with seeds being sown and flower and fruit to be harvested, all with care and love.  October gives us a little longer to reflect with its warm days and clear cool nights, with 31 days to do so.

Today I will start with the new thought that everything I touch will be new again and with that newness will come great ideas that will make the world around me a better place. I will plant the seeds and harvest the good and always remind myself of where I have been, so that it will be clear as to where I am.

October a month of change and the world is new again. Leaves will fall and buds will start and life is new again. One just needs to be open to change and change will happen.

A thought; Life is great! Be open to change…….