Monthly Archives: September 2013

Sound and movement is everywhere, there is a constant energy that swirls about the garden. It is Life, it is eternal, vibrating through everything.

The Shire Garden was first planted with birds in mind, so many of the plants were selected for their seeds, fruit and flowers as well for their weather protection and nesting host abilities.

I placed bird houses in area of interest and insight to view. I also decided one feeding area for ease of time in constant clean up, which is important if you wish to control rodent and other problems, although it doesn’t stop the problems I have found it keeps it under control.

The birds sing all day from early dawn to dusk and even a owls hoot at night is soothing as the crickets of late summer sing their songs in chorus. Katy did then Katy didn’t go back and forth all evening and the grasses rustle in a soft breeze.

Movement is everywhere as the small birds run and fly between the perennials and lawn, and the butterflies  float all around the Buddleia – ” butterfly bush ” that sweetens the evening air with a tone of honey.

Sound in the garden is important, the sound of running or trickling water brings freshness to thought and a quieting to heart. Slow movement of shadows throughout the day changes mood and keeps balance and marks time.

Hearing sound is one thing, but sound also moves and this brings fullness to the garden and a oneness of the whole garden to be experienced.

Movement is also in growth, upward, sideways, trailing and climbing, every day bring a new view and desire for the garden.

Garden with this in mind and your heart will be filled with joy and your garden with fullness of life. I remind you of these things so that you will be a more rounded gardener with a greater purpose.

A Thought; The sound of silence is still and momentary and sometimes full of thought.

Life is full of little nuances, and from time to time I have moments when I find a plant that for what ever reason at that moment inspires me to bring it home.

In a Garden named Eleusis, just a little north from the Shire Garden grows a beautiful stand of this bush clover, the magic of it presence  in this garden sent me on my search for pea /clover bush.

The plant, Lespedeza Thunbergia ‘ Gibraltar’, common name, pea shrub or bush clover is a genus of 40  species of  deciduous shrubs, as well as annuals and herbaceous perennials found world-wide. Good for zones 4 – 8 and can grow to heights of 4 to 5 feet and can spread up to 4 to 10 feet. The verity that I have is a deciduous subshrub with a pendulous habit that has beautiful long bracts of pink pea like blooms that falls like a great fountain with a sweet scent that fills the garden on these late summer days.

What I love about this plant is it ease of care, after the frost takes it, I cut it to the ground and add some super phosphate for root growth. Slow to start in the spring but by late June growth will be well on its way, with bud set about mid August. I planted mine in a partly shaded area of the garden and it does quite well.

As I said earlier, nuances and inspirations for me come often, and I think to myself, is it me or just the world around me, as I stand before my pea/clover bush with it fountain like feature how quiet yet peacefully grand it feels. Well what ever it is, it helps to keep interest in the Shire Garden.


Consider something different for the garden every now and then and see what it bring to the gardening experience. I like to call this, moments of unexpected surprise! Magic……..*

A thought; Sometimes something different added to life can change everything.