Monthly Archives: June 2013

Well, just a month from now the wedding day will be upon us. The tents will be up. Abby and her mother have decided they will cover the terrace and moss lawn so that the Four Seasons Border and Firefly Knoll and Oak Grove will be the back ground setting for that evening, yes, Abby has decided for a at dusk wedding, and we all agree the lighting in the Shire is just right for the flowers and it will be in the height of firefly season and the show is always incredible.

The dinning tent will be the closest to the border garden and will have a large Tuscan table setting for our guest, she has chosen fruitwood ballroom chairs with white cushions and will cover the long table in white linens, we will top this with black square chargers and square white china with lime green napkins with a quench fold. The center of the table will then be covered with fresh soft hay fern from the garden and black hinged long candelabra will travel down the table with various heights to them with tall black lanterns in between. I will then wind together a garland of Italian Ruscus and ivy and will insert green orchids and white butterfly orchids and black-eyed white anomies. As you may have guest by now Abby has chosen her colors, white, black and lime green.

Now I step in and decide that I will build a wall of rush brush between the terrace tent and food tent to create a sense of divide and mystery and only glimpses  of the dinning tent can be seen before dinner. I then came up with a great idea, that over the pool under the terrace tent I will create a large chandler of flowers with water dripping from it in to the pool.

Well, as to bore you no more at the moment. There will be lots of small touches and special moments to the day, and the love that Jan and I have for our family and friends will be shared with Charlie’s family. Also after the wedding I will see to it that plenty of pictures will be here for all of my friends who visit, The Garden Shire.

A thought; When given a moment to share who you are, share lovingly with joy.

June, the month of flowers. Everywhere in the garden there are flowers and the changes are daily. Peonies and poppies, to lilies and roses and all are beautiful, however the iris steal the show early in the month and dominate the color in the garden. All though I have many types of them and varieties my love affair with the showy bearded iris at this time becomes my obsession. The blues and pinks to root beer browns, then the purples and whites, the yellows and so many more. From the tall to the medium then the short, all have out standing qualities not to mention that the foliage is of interest all summer in the garden..

Iris are easy to care for and do well in partly to full sun locations of at least 5 hours or more. Plant your iris so the top half of the rhizome is exposed. In very light or sandy soils cover the rhizome with about 1 in., of soil. Every three years I find they have to be divided this gives me larger blooms on healthy growth and also makes for a larger show. I feed my iris a little 10 -10 -10 fertilizer in the spring and some bone meal in the fall and fan cut the foliage in the fall at the time of cleanup before winter.

Iris translates to “Goddess of the Rainbow” and with names like, Last Laugh, Double Ringer, Magical Encounter to Steller Lights and Footloose, who wouldn’t want them in the garden. I would love to be the one to pick their names, how fun would that be.

I tried growing them in pots so that I might move them around in the garden when I wanted some in an area of the garden for a short time, This proved to work well, although they don’t like being in mixed pots, the rhizome doesn’t get the sun it needs to develop the next years flower.

Here, I will leave you with a photo shoot of June’s Queen of the Shire Garden, in all her glory. Enjoy!

A thought; Perhaps at the end of the Rainbow is a garden of iris, that hides the pot of gold.