Monthly Archives: May 2013

May has been very busy for me, The may day celebrations are over and the work in the garden has kept me from the computer and that as some might say is a good thing. Everything is growing strong and the weeding is really keeping me on my knees. The hundreds of iris in the garden are just full of buds and I plan to blog on those in the weeks to come. The heavy snows of this winter was good for those hardy perennials, a so-called   ” poor mans fertilizer “. All of our vines are climbing and the annuals that I seed sow are in. The trips to my favorite nurseries are weekly and my wallet is lighter these days.

May is one of those months for love, for love is in the air and everywhere, just ask the birds!

Abigail our oldest daughter was town hall married two years ago when Charles was being deployed,

he promised her a wedding day when he came home and in that time our first grandson Colton was Born. Well, Abby has decided there’s no place like home! The wedding plans begin, first there is the location, then the food and wedding colors and of all things the wedding flowers. Imagine how the garden must look and how much fun I will have now, more plants and lots of imagination and magic for the Shire Garden and Acorn Cottage.

I must tell you that all of my Oracle’s have been called and will be at the ready. These are my friends and their advise is always of help. I will also like to suggest to anyone who might be planning a garden wedding to purchase this book by a good friend and fellow master gardener, C.L. Fornari, titled, The Garden Wedding and check out her site she will walk you through every thing you need to know about a garden wedding.

Mean while Jan is looking for all the right touches it take to make a home garden wedding personal and Acorn Cottage in her mind must be at its homme best. So there will be more on this event in the weeks leading to the wedding on July 13. I am sure there will be a lot to write about.

A thought; We work, we play, we worry, and we laugh, let’s play and laugh more!