Monthly Archives: April 2013

As a Master Gardener one of my jobs is to inspire and to teach the art of gardening, sharing the passion and the love of plants with others is rewarding.  I have always felt  love for our green friends, it’s their shade that cools us on hot summer days and their wood the warms us on cool winter nights, the beauty of their flowers and colors in their leave, their ever-changing growth and appearance though out the seasons keeps my eyes and mind always attuned.

I believe that a garden and the gardener must be able to intuitively grow together to become a greater space, a space that not only is beautiful and useful but also transcending and spiritual, when this happens the magic of the garden and gardener reveals it’s self.

How can one come to this, how do we creat a space with such magic?, Simple, first you must believe in the plants and earth as living things and care for them in loving ways, you must always welcome goodness in and always allow your thoughts to fly. The garden will do the rest.

April in the Shire Garden is magical, because every morning when I open the door and step into the Garden something new is in bloom or starting up out of the ground, the buds on the trees swell bigger each day, to watch all of this growth and renewal at such a fast pace fills me with so much hope and happiness!

To garden for me is like prayer and with the knowing that the prayer will be answered in many ways. This is just one of the magics of the garden others are spiritual warm feelings and wonder, beauty and nourishment for mind, body and soul, the magic is endless.

A thought; Live life in the moment, Love like it is your last, and garden with a passion for both.