Monthly Archives: February 2013

Slept a little later this morning, the bed felt so good and with the snow storm raging outside, just laying there was wonderful. I started to think about what I might try to complete for the day and as I thought about maybe planting some seeds and watering the plants and perhaps starting the painting of the guest room, I found, I really didn’t feel like starting any of it. Even the thought of getting breakfast didn’t appeal to me and I then thought, a late brunch sounded like a possibility. As I lay here and listen to the wind blowing the snow around, things didn’t seem to matter so much.

Why did I feel that I had to get up to do any thing, was it because of the way I was brought up, that it was a sign of a none productive life, that to lie around all day might make a lazy, idle man of me. That some how, it was wrong.

I’m a grown man, I work hard, play hard and worry about things and laugh at my self most of the time. So I’m taking the day off, yes, I’m doing nothing, that’s right, nothing at all, well maybe watch some TV if there is anything on that I won’t have to think to hard about. As I lie here in bed, even thinking about this blog makes me tired. So before I try to get a few more Z’s , and snuggle into my warm blankets, I’ll promise not to judge if you do the same, after all everyone needs a day off every once and awhile.

A thought; Doing nothing in of its self is doing something, so it’s OK.

I use this time of the year to update my skills in many areas and with the winter pruning now under way, I managed to finished and excellent book by the American Horticultural Society, entitled Pruning and Training, The definitive guide to pruning trees, shrubs, and climbers.

The information in this revised and updated book is wonderful, full of pictures and step by step diagrams of over 800 plants.  I cannot tell you how many people will ask me, how do I prune my plants and when is the right time to do such pruning?

For me I have years of training and hands on experience to rely on, having worked with so many plants. This book shows you what to look for and where the right cut is, to produce growth where you want it and in the direction you need that growth to go.  You are told about the right plant choice for the right spot so the future corrective pruning may never  happen. This is important information for the new gardener, however the book is much more than a beginners book, the seasoned gardener would do well to take a few hours to study this information. There is so many new ideas and thoughts about pruning.

I believe all topics on pruning are addressed in this book, from root to lateral to top and tip pruning of trees and shrubs to dwarf trees and roses of all varieties to cane removal to training for best bloom. There is the renovating conifer hedges and restoring lines, to all types of fruit  and fruit tree pruning.  Then there is a spot where it is all about vine care and growth production and control pruning and training. The book is a wealth of information for the highly skilled and will help those starting out with the question how and when do I prune.

All in all its a practical  approach, devoted to the practical needs of individual plants and for some of us a really fun read.

Why do we prune? We prune to create new growth, bigger flowers better fruit and to control  size, but many times we prune plants to conform to our will for the price of space and art.

A thought; Think about your own life, is there anything that might need to be pruned away to make room for new growth.