Monthly Archives: January 2013

With the morning sun rise comes long shadows of the oaks of Oak Grove, they create a silhouette that stretches across the snow-covered border gardens and moss lawn, it is like a painting and the air is cold and still. The rhododendrons foliage is curled  low, natures way of saying, stay inside and enjoy the fire.

January can be a long month, even with all of the dreaming and planning of this years garden season to come, it still seems a long ways away. I find myself at almost every window looking out upon the Shire Gardens thinking of new winter interest plantings from these views, and that, these days seems to be endless.

Reading and drawing new designs and reaching new plant material is always on going, however it makes my heart ace to be back in the garden, believe it or not weeding and enjoying the growth, maybe I’m crazy but my garden rest is over!

winter sky

As evening falls here one of the most wonderful sights is the sun set behind Oak Grove. The sun is low in our horizon and the brilliant colors of orange mixed with reds and the many shades of purples and yellows mixed with the darken blue sky is soul touching. Then there is the black silhouette of the oaks in the front of this light show,that will last for at least a couple of hours. I stand with my evening glass of wine and think how wonderful life is.

A thought; That, that is in my sight, is all I should need to carry me forward.

I just finished reading a book I found in our family’s library, entitled” Planetary Planting ” a guide to organic gardening by the signs of the zodiac, by Louise Riotte.  She opens with this, ” Why Believe? The study of the stars is almost as old as man himself. All nature dances to the rhythm of the music of the spheres…..” The read was lite and infectious and eye-opening, I always believed in gardening by the moon but never took into consideration the planets or zodiac as ruling forces as well.

The books information was wonderful and worth the read. She writes about planting spring bulbs under the signs of either Libra or Virgo in the first or second quarter, for the best of spring flower. She writes about vegetables, fruit and herb and flowers as well as trees and shrub as to best planting time astronomically for ultimate results. She has great tips on tomato production and weed controls of an organic and planetary nature. She will fill you with basics to gardening yet with a whole new look. She talks about assigning plants to their zodiac but also to the elements those zodiac represent and I found this to be quite and eye opener that came with a greater understanding of the plants them self, making them not just of this planet but of the universe that brings everything to the connection of oneness.

This gardener was given some renewed insight to the way I garden and know now that my new-found  garden awareness will forever change the way I look at a garden as well as the ways to which I will garden.

I have talked before about magic in the garden and with this new view of the plant life around me, it will help in the understanding as to why a plant might not be doing well when everything I’ve learned tells me differently.

A thought; When we open our minds to the universe, we receive a better understanding of all things.

Every year come January I get tropical fever, I long to go to tropical places to explore plant life that intrigues my imagination. Places where the palm trees are lush and the air is filled with the scent of jasmine and orchids, where the colors are year round, bright and happy. Where the days seem longer and the ferns grow taller. Then those beautiful beaches of soft sands and wonderful shells and aqua blue water that is only highlighted by the clear blue sky. Yup! Its January……

I find the cure for tropic fever is an annual visit weekly or by weekly to your nearest conservatory or nursery greenhouse, spend time there enjoy the warmth and tropical moist air in these man-made environments. You will be amazed at what blooms at this time, not to mention that more window space might need to be found at home. Watch your local newspaper for orchid shows and Home and Garden Shows, and there’s always plane tickets, all will help with tropical fever.

Working with your house plants helps now too, watering, cleaning up dead leaves and flowers and rotating pots to form even growth habit are all important to these plants. Feeding these plants at this time in not that important and should be done sparingly, you don’t want their growth to be weak and long, this makes it hard to bring them back to the garden come warmer weather.

So as I sit here writing under my housed palm, looking out to the cold snow and ice-covered Shire Garden I can only dream of fruity drinks with little umbrellas, warm tropical breezes filled with the scent of flowers and a wish that I was there!

A thought; Imagination is a useful and helpful thing!